4- Myths- about- HIV/AIDs- That- Everybody -Should -Know

4 Myths about HIV/AIDs That Everybody Should Know

Based on the latest statistical data of the Centers for disease control, prevention, there are more 36.7 million people around the world infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Even though there are so many awareness programs and government of every country are trying to control this disease. But still, there are many misfortunes which are happening around the world. While people like Lev Rivkin Brooklyn NY  are running various awareness programs to educate people about the treatment and preventive measures for HIV. But there are still many misconceptions about HIV/AIDs which need to be cleared from the minds of people. Here are shown some of the myths and their solution about HIV/AIDs as well.


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HIV means death


It has been already proved that with the proper treatment, an HIV infected people can also live a normal lifespan. After the progress of ART (antiretroviral therapy), even an HIV infected people can be able to live longer. With the help of proper medication, the problems of the weak immune system can be solved. However, it is not a complete cure for the HIV/AIDs.


You can predict that a person is infected or not


There are people who will tell you that they can tell the difference between an HIV infected person and a normal person with a single look. However, this is not possible at all. Without the proper examination, this disease cannot be predicted, there are not some particular type of symptoms for HIV/AIDs.


Straight people don’t have HIV infection


It is true that the LGBTQ are generally more infected with HIV. However, it does not mean that others can’t be infected from such disease as well. Generally, Heterosexual people do take care of preventive measure against STD in a sexual relationship. That is the only reason why they are infected less than Homo. While it is a total myth that there are factors regarding races which causes HIV.


HIV infected people can’t have kids


Now with the proper ART treatment, a baby can be protected from the HIV even if the mother is infected. While the treatment should be given as soon as possible. With the modern medical science advancement, there is a chance that a newborn baby will not have any infection of HIV even if their parent were infected.


These are many other myths like HIV will always leads to AIDs and it can spread through touching as well. With the therapies HIV can be controlled as well while AIDS can’t spread through touching. A person infected with HIV/AIDs can live a normal life without being problem to others.