Facebook Ad Spy Tools Should Try In 2019

When it comes to competition, the initial thing that any businessmen want to know is strategies, weakness, and resilience of their contender. And the same tactics work if you are going to run Facebook Ads.

Through observing, you can ready yourself and also guarantee that whatever you are comparing is ready for the business. For example, when the ads are posted they are placed in the most visible spot on the page where they can get extra recognition. So when you observe the progress of your opponents you will get to know the accurate time to counter to make your ad remain live. In this way, you can save yourself from an uncertain position before you apprehend that it is too delayed.

Keeping eyes on your competitor ad strategy is a very imperative and time-consuming process. Luckily, there are several spy tools that make the process ridiculously simple to spy on competitors and helps you to replicate their success on your Facebook ads.

So, some the best Facebook ad spy tools are listed below that will help you to spy on the ads of your competitors.



PowerAdSpy is a genuine ad spy tool because it allows you to target audience age, geography, and interests of your competitors’ ads. It has a huge database and powerful search option. It also visits the actual live Facebook ad from the dashboard of PowerAdSpy. It gives 20 searches for free.


BigSpy is an ad and e-commerce marketing spy tool. By using this tool you can easily able to find ads which are doing good in your niche. It also assists you to create cheaper ads.



This tool will allow fixing the budget by you to go after high targeted interested without competing with others.


By using this tool you can create Facebook ads very effectively. It is one of the great tools for social marketing and ads plan. It also helps to define the right method for advertising.



AdEspresso has a large library of ads related to Facebook. It manually organizes any Facebook ads they find and filter the ads by placement, industry, objective and attributes. It provides a free service.


It is also one of the great tools that will allow a user to create inventive ads. Its main task is to find campaigns for increasing e-commerce shops.


So there are 6 online Facebook ad spy tool and services that you can use to spy on your competitors.We personally picked PowerAdSpy because it has lots of advanced features in it that you will not find in other tools. It helps users to create a Facebook ad more engaging and appealing. It also entitles you to hold a close eye on your competitors for every single second.


3 Reasons To Spy On Your Competitors

Thinking and planning new strategies for your business venture can be very easy for you as you know very well about your products and services. You might have also spent so many time perfecting your venture, but the truth is at some point all your experience and resources will not be ample. If you want to make your business successful, then you need to know both about your products as well as the market. There are so many people who have invested their energy, time and money only on improving their business. But in this competitive world, it is also very important to know a bit about your rival companies too. If you do not pay close attention to your market as well as competition, then there are chances that your venture will get sunk soon. And in order to closely analyze your market, then the best way is to spy on your competitors. Let’s check out some more potential reasons.

Helps you to prepare

spy on your competitors
spy on your competitors

By spying, you can prepare yourself and also make sure that whatever you are controlling is ready for the market. For example, when the ads are posted they are placed in the most visible spot on the page where they can get more attention. So when you monitor the actions of your competitors you will get to know the right time to respond to make your ad remain visible. In this way, you can save yourself from the precarious situation before you realize that it is too late.

It is effortless

Don’t take your steps back thinking that spying is a complicated process. Nowadays with the advancement in technology, it is very easy to spy on the activities of your rival companies. All you need to do is to search them on social media platforms and follow them. By doing this you will get an idea about what is working for them, what is not, how customers are responding to their ads and how you could approach differently to work in a better way.

In case you still feel that spying is daunting then you can also use the automation tools to ease up your work.

Saves your time

Spying on your competitors can never be a waste. It is often very time taking process to find an ideal market and outlets that are interested to associate with you as well as supply your products. But when you spy on your competitors who are dealing with the similar kind of niche then you can just revamp their endeavors without wasting your time and efforts.

Hence, we hope that the above-mentioned reasons are encouraging enough to get you started with the spying.